Kinga (King akeem)



Born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, he retrieved his gift for music, directly from his hometown – the home of the famous Stax Records, which provided the staple-music filled vibe inside of their city, inspiring many; including his mother and father. While still a young boy Kingas’ mother bought him a brand new guitar, he must not have been much older than five. Kinga’s mother would assist him with the start of his calling to create music. Later on in life he would, as a young adult, gain the ability to import his writing skills into his own unique style of hip hop. To Kinga, Hip Hop is a culture which involves not just Rap, but also the DeeJaying, MC-ing, Breakdance & Graffiti. He started writing songs from the age of ten. Competing in rap battles along with writing and recording songs was all preparations of letting him become the entertainer he is today. It is hard to put him in just one category. You can say that Kinga’s multi degrees of talent and sound usually relies on bass heavy beats with southern hip hop influences in it.


After high school he moved out to California so he could pursue a career in the entertainment business. That turned out to be one of the best things that could happen to him at that time. It came clear with time that he had so many other talents, like producing, audio engineering and being a Radio DJ. Over the next few years he grew as an artist and found his way around recording studios. His “club” DJ career, as he likes to call it, didn’t start until 2008. However, rewind back to 2003 when he had the opportunity to meet (at that time) Interscope Records radio promotor Lester Pace. It was this meeting that made Kinga become even more so interested in radio. Lester Pace introduced Kinga to (at that time) program director Nate Bell of clear channels ‘WHRK” in Memphis. By asking every possible question he could think of, Kinga only got more and more acquainted with everything having to do with the radio business which is not the same as the music business.


After moving to and from California, Memphis, Mississippi and Nashville, Kinga finally landed back in Little Rock AR, in 2007. This is when he started hosting and DJ’ing parties. His industry network started growing, taking his DJ career to another level, and was also the start of his career at Power92Jams. Over the past decade he has become well experienced in every section of the radio station. Kinga worked numerous positions like on air personality, production assistant, board-op, promotions, traffic and of course DJ, that made him well-rounded when it comes down to knowing his way around a radio station.  2018 marks his 10 year anniversary at Power92Jams and there is no sight of him taking it slow. 


If I were asked to describe King Akeem to you, I would have to say that he is truly a multitalented artist. He is so much more than just a musician/ Hip Hop artist. Kinga is a Producer, DJ, Radio Personality, Performer, Songwriter, Musician and a Music/ Sound / Recording Engineer.


Kinga would say: To have progress, create a successful process!!