Tonites Entertainment



Whenever passionate hip-hop collides, in the form of a duo-rap group, the vision, ambition level, and artistry of both contributors must make sense.


Tonites Entertainment (TE for short) is a collaboration of two driven and unique hip hop emcees, who met each other when they were about 17 years old.  Tonites Entertainment, consists of two metaphorical spitting individuals; Kinga (King Akeem) and Zii Dimensional. They began to grow as artists simultaneously, and were both independent businessmen, managing themselves before deciding to form this inseparable bond, 'Tonites Entertainment'. TE is like a creation of whatever it was that they were doing separately, while both wanting more out of life. You could say that together they are the formula to a very necessary, unapologetic and dope approach to today’s hip hop industry. Zii & Kinga’s definition of great music can be defined as, 'Music that invokes provokes true emotion'.


TE became heavily recognized within their area, being invited as guests to perform on live television for Fox 16, and at the inaugural Little Rock NYE celebration, hosted by actor/ rapper Bow Wow in Lil Rock, AR. They could not be more determined in what it was they were doing and ended up releasing their debut album, 'Shades, Cocktail Waitresses, and Morning Dew Intermissions' in late 2013. The creativity of Zii and Kinga combined makes them a duo that at times, will put two totally different styles of music together. This diversity that they have, has also given them the opportunity to build their reputation as musicians on.


In the years after, Zii and Kinga worked with former Aftermath Records artist, Bishop Lamont, they collaborated with the legendary platinum record creator R.L., from the group ‘Next’, to do a song which is now on TE’s third album. This album, “9-PM-Until, was released on October 31, 2017. The album features collaborations with great artists, new music and TE is in the process of creating more visuals such as 'California Changed my Life (CCML)'. This is a story song about the 9-months they’ve stayed in Palm Springs, CA.


Being the creative minds they are, Kinga & Zii Dimensional have created, alongside the “9PM-Until” album, an audiovisual project called #24Necessary. The project consists of several smaller projects within, such as #Necessary Audiovisuals, #Necessary Movies, and #Necessary Timelockers. 

#Necessary Universe also belongs in this line but contains a longer project we called "Mon-tage Music". At this moment “Mon-tage Music 1, 2 and 3" are a fact! Mon-tage Music 2 will be shown on the Tonites Entertainment FB-page, during some of our live streams. Right here on the website there is a Mon-tage Music page with Mon-tage Music 1 & 2. 


Mon-tage Music = the process or technique of selecting, editing and piecing together separate sections of film, to form a continuous whole around a body of music....


Without any hesitation, Tonites Entertainment will continue to deliver the toughest and most fearless records, for the conscious fans (Nitelys) of real music. TE's Definition of a Nitely: "Anyone, whom believes in the Necessary, Tonites Entertainment, King Akeem & Zii Dimensional’s Movement as it grows, will be forever known as a TEnitely.





Be the Few    Be the Fuel    Do it Nitely