zii dimensional



It all began with a baby Zii connecting with the musicality enveloped in the theme song of the hit sitcom, “The Jefferson’s.” Dancing to this song, his connection to the music triggered a notion within his mother. That notion would illuminate the trajectory of what we are only now beginning to scratch the surface of understanding with the artistry of Zii Dimensional.  


The shift in hip hop that birthed artists such as MC Hammer, Kris Kross, and the whole Bad Boy era, held major influence over Zii during his pre-adolescent and teenage years.  Life experiences coupled with Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory fueled Zii’s passion in creating a force in the universe that not only defies gravity but renders “time” defenseless and obsolete. Being a multi-racial child and adopted were two facets governing Zii’s search for self-identity and relatability in a world that meticulously favored social norms. The name Zii Dimensional means: a being that is considered to be mentally disabled but displays thought provoking brilliance in specific areas of aptitude.

Inarguably, even at a young age, music was chosen to be Zii’s mode of transportation into intergalactic teleportation that would generate perpendicular interactions and acquaintances throughout life to pave the concrete foundation of his legacy.  


Zii began to dissect and contrast various artistic expressions exalted from various genres including but not limited to Nirvana, Beethoven, Garth Brooks, Sade, and Biggie Smalls. Zii wrote his first lyrical verse to Lox’s “Money, Power, and Respect,” in which he used the instrumental breaks to highlight his thoughts. He instinctively began inserting himself in local rap battle events. These events gave him traction to expand into neighboring and capital cities throughout the country. 


He was encouraged by Little Rock’s local radio station Power 92.3 to enter into their weekly rap battle contest, “Roll Call,” in which callers battled one another on air and their fate held by popular opinion of the public. Zii unanimously obliterated each battle that ultimately handed him the title of “Roll Call Champ” after a 16-week consecutive run. He was then selected from more than 500 acts to perform at Little Rock’s Robinson Center and headline the state’s Millennium Jamboree.  This opportunity led him to open up for multiple shows for artists such as Chingy, Nappy Roots, and the female rapper, Rasheeda. As the internet began to integrate with music technology, Zii began to integrate with that wave. He ranked 2nd out of 70,000 artists on a website WeMix.com that was co-owned by Atlanta rapper, Ludacris. He was voted by fans out of 500 entries to record on Island Jam’s One Block Radius “Stand Up,” single. He was then voted by fans to record with the Grammy winning artist Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park in Dr. Dre’s former Encore Studios. 


Throughout his traveling to various locations, Zii was introduced to different artists and producers that each left breadcrumbs in his psyche to later refer back to in his projection into this career. Zii created a self-titled album, “Zii Dimensional,” as well as 2 accompanying mixtapes, “The Mixed Mixtape and “The Mixed 2, which were both hosted and promoted by Power 92’s DJ King Akeem who also happens to be Zii’s business partner and brother. 


Zii released a video where he recorded a verse over the version of “Just Breathe” from Angela McCluskey/ Telepopmusic beat on his Mixed Mixed tape and advertised it on WorldStarHipHop.com. Almost 11,000 hits later on YouTube, the video caught the attention of Ms. Angela McCluskey herself, where she quoted as saying “I think this is totally awesome….and I never EVER never use that word”. Then, just a few months later, his second album “PopCornMuZiik” was released. DJ Drama presented the second installment of the 3rd Infantry Division Mixtape, featuring the banger from Zii Dimensional’s “In Patience”, produced by Fero Tracks.


The phenomenalism behind a person that forces you to gravitate toward them and exist is the same timeline while transcending time to exist in other realms sequentially is the very being of Zii Dimensional.  Zii is a universal person and dimensional in every single way. By being the unique artist that he is, it is his dimensions that define his existence.


Zii Dimensional would say; Music is my life!